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Selected presentations and plenary lectures

Behaviour 2015, Cairns, Australia. Reznikova Zh., Atsarkina N., Iakovlev I. Scouting ants as the cognitive elite of the ant-hill

Behaviour 2015, Cairns, Australia. Panteleeva S., Levenets J., Reznikova Zh. Look who behave like true insect hunters: voles and mice

Behaviour 2015, Cairns, Australia. Maslov A., Panteleeva S., Reznikova Zh.  Cognitive aspects of risky foraging: great tits go for less

CEWM 2015, 6th Central European Workshop of Myrmecology, Hungary, Debrecen. Reznikova Zh., Atsarkina N., Panteleeva S.Myrmica ants are more talkative when young

X East European Conference of the International Society for Invertebrate Neurobiology Simpler Nervous Systems”,Moscow, Russia, September 6-10, 2012: What simple brains are capable of: cognitive specialization in ants ; see also the ISIN Newsletter 2012